Incredible Mission

Leboucher, Fernande

© 1969


In the fall of 1942, Fernande Leboucher and her Jewish husband were trying to escape Nazi-occupied France. After several false-starts, her husband was arrested and Fernande sought out the help of Pere Marie Benoit, a French Capuchin priest who was known for helping the Jewish people. Together, they ran an exceedingly successful rescue mission saving thousands of Jews, Poles, and other groups the Nazis were oppressing. Neither were ever caught. When things became too dangerous in France, the Vatican moved the priest to Italy, where he continued his rescue efforts through the end of WWII. Fascinating from a historical perspective, this biography of Pere Marie Benoit and succinct history of Aryanism in Europe is a must for high-school-aged students studying WWII. Note: If you are opposed to fortune telling, skip the prologue.