Hello and Welcome to our site! The lists of children's/teen's books on this site are on the web for your enjoyment and to encourage you to consider reading books that we have enjoyed over the years. They are the top picks of 8 brothers and sisters who love reading. All the same, there are a few things you should consider as you look through our lists of books.

The books we've listed on this web-site are some that we think are significant reading for children of various ages. What age should a child be to read the books we report on? That depends on the child. Some pre-schoolers love to have chapter books read to them. Some high schoolers enjoy going back and re-reading picture books. The age appropriateness of each book is at the discretion of the parents and the readers.

Do we whole-heartedly endorse all the book titles contained on this site? No. Although many are our personal favorites, your mileage may vary. Some may be too intense (or too boring) for some readers. Also, some books are included because they are part of a series of books that over all are ones we have enjoyed, but specific books in the series may not be as good as the series as a whole. We note this when we think this is the case and occasionally don't recommend a book that is, none-the-less, reviewed here.

You might wonder why we don't list some books for girls and some for boys. The reason is that we have found that some girls like books that were intended by the author for boys, and vice-versa. Usually you can tell by the title what gender the book is aimed at, but don't limit yourself or your children to their own gender of books. You very well may miss out on some real winners if you do.

In everything, your tastes and opinion of what is appropriate is the most important. Just because we think a book is a favorite doesn't mean you might not find objectionable situations or events that we overlooked. We place a high value on excellent writing. There are plenty of children's books that are poorly written (and some are contained in our lists). But over all we find books that are well written to be more satisfying to read. Although we are Christians, not all the books listed here are Christian books. The reason for this is that many Christian books contain attitudes and material that we find objectionable, while many secular books do not. Ultimately we need to be just as careful accepting all books with a Christian theme as with accepting books with a secular theme.

All the information contained here was believed to be accurate and correct when we wrote it, but we can't assure you that everything contained on this site is correct because we can't speak for all the sources we got information from, we don't have personal copies of all of the books we list so we can't easily refer back as we review, and finally because we might have made a few mistakes. Please also note: This site is under construction still and will be for some time. New content will be added periodically so keep checking back for new content. Please enjoy our lists!